Monday, May 12, 2008

Basmati rice and Jasmine

It's been a while since I posted something on my blog. I was very busy with doing other stuff, which I enjoyed very much so though. Well, I'm back!

I'm working on a new perfume, based on Egyptian Jasmine absolute combined with the scent of Indian Basmati rice. This idea was playing a long time in my head and I finally started with it. I'm recreating the scent of basmati rice myself with different materials. One of the materials I use for the basmati rice is 3-METHYL-2-CYCLOHEXENONE which gives a nutty scent. I also used Hexanal (aldehyde C6) and Hexanol (alcohol c6) among others. I want to see if carrot seed oil will work in this fragrance, I guess it only would need just a little. A key odorant in fragrant rice is 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline, I still have to get my hands on this material.

I combine the jasmine and basmati rice with musks and woods. I used a lot of sandalwood which combines so wonderful with Jasmine, it makes the scent of jasmine more warm and intense. It's a very interesting experiment at least.


chayaruchama said...

Oh, my !
Yes, please...

A wonderful idea, Jenny.
I would adore it.

राजीव said...

Hi Jenny,

I am from the region where all these ingredients had been available since long. The jasmine had been traditionally used along with sandalwood in preparation of "attars" which goes very well. Also enfluerage was used in good old days to produce a sweet long lasting fragrance. However the process is economically expensive.

Coming to rice - indeed Basmati rice is a pleasure to smell (and to taste too!) It is grown in abundance closer to our place.

The idea of the blend really seems exotic. Good Luck!

Jenny said...

Thank you Ida, you sweetheart, who can sing like an angel. I'm still pleasantly abashed by your beautiful voice. Thanks again for the beautiful CD.

I'm glad you like the idea of this fragrance.

Sweet hugs!

Jenny said...

Hi, now I didn't catch your name. Thank you so much for your note. Wow! Do I envy you to live in such a wonderful and fragrant place.

Yes, I love the smell of Basmati rice too, I think it's a perfect combination with the scent of Jasmine.

I'm glad you like the idea.

PS do you have plans to write a blog in Englisch? I would like that.

Have a wonderful day.

Rajeev (राजीव) said...

Hi Jenny,
No need to envy. Our city - Kanpur is not that enviable. Close to our city is a town by the name Kannauj. This small town had been the hub of traditional Indian attar making from Indian Sandalwood by steam and water distillation and was known world over. Additionally by a variant process they distill flowers including Rose (Rosa damascena), Jasmine, Patchauli and roots of Vetiver (also found in vicinity. The cool refreshing aroma!) etc to make their Attars. Now a days, synthetics are more in use and the local industry of these attars is not that much in demand, except by connoisseurs

Traditional Basmati is grown approx 300 Km from our place.

Ironically, our place is much polluted.

Truly speaking, I do not have a lot of information on perfumery to make a blog. Yours is a highly information rich blog. I used to do a lot of work and study on fragrances some 15-20 years back and it was then that I had researched a lot of information. Owing to lack of resources I had to abandon it.

Sorry, my name was written in our native language - in which I use to blog - albeit rarely. I have now incorporated the Roman script in the name and it shows the name in English as well.

:: : : The Mabkhara And Bakhoor : : :: said...

Interesting...What flavor of sandalwood? it sounds very sweet indeed!


Anonymous said...

What an interesting idea to use a scent of a basmati rice and Jasmine.

Have you smelled Edible Fleuressence from the PerfumersWorld? It's a nice scent of baked rice and vegetables. I was smelling it this week wondering if I ever can use it in a perfume. It was just too unusual for me to imagine baked rice and vegetables in a perfume. And now - I am just reading your blog where you use a scent of rice in yours. Very curious.

I don't know how the 3-methyl-2-cyclohexenone smells. Have only 2,3-dimethylpyrazine that reminds me a smell of baked rice a bit.

Carrot Seed Oil - should go nice with rice (reminds me of Pilaf ;-) - it's warm and could support floral fruity jasmin. I think Calamus oil can be also used, especially if you like the woody scent in the base. Still sounds as a sophisticated challenge to me. I wish you best of luck, inspiration and surely a lot of free time you can spend on your fragrances.

Jenny said...

Hi Dan-b,

I will use different sandalwood notes. I will combine sandalwood Mysore with different aroma chemicals to support it, like Javanol, Ebanol, Bacdanol etc.

Jenny said...

Hi Maxim,

No, I never smelled Edible Fleuressence, you could try it with jasmine as well. I think too that carrot seed could add some warmth.

Good luck with your experiments too!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jenny, my name is Rex. I don't know where else to leave you my question, so here goes. I adore the fragrance of mint, and I tried to make a scent for myself of it, but it didn't turn out as strong as I'd like it. I am totally new to making my own scents, so if you could please provide some help in the matter?

Jenny said...

Hi Rex,

That's a difficult question for me. I use mint sometimes, especially 'nana' mint, but I wouldn't know how to make this scent stronger. I will ask on my perfume group and will get back to you if I have an answer.

Anonymous said...

I eagerly await your findings, if any, but I do thank you for the reply. Peace!

Jenny said...

Hi Rex,

I asked at my group and here are some suggestions. We were not sure though what you had in mind, does the perfume have to smell like mint alone?

You could add some more camphorous oils like eucalyptus, lamiacea, rosemary, lavender, clary sage. You can also add a more cool note like menthol or wintergreen.

You could add the aroma chemicals;
laevo-carvone (a component of peppermint), l-carvyl acetate (which gives a very juicy spearmint-fruit-like note), Romascone from Firmenich (which has a bit of a minty scent), cineol, phellandrene and cadinene.

To make the mint last longer you can add Glucam P20.

Tarragon absolute (or related isolates/aromachems0
in very small amounts will sweeten mint, and add depth. Anise will
add a touch of sweetness to the initial expression of mint. Small
amounts of other mints will add complexity (like bergamot mint.)

Musks can enhance the mint scent. To get something more spicy, you can add Ceylan cinamon, myrrh,
cardamom or clove oil.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

PS Why don't you join the group, you will get a lot of answers from the members. We are always willing to help.

Here is the link:
you also can find it at the links of my blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny
I've followed your blog for awhile. Long time perfume lover. Two of my fav perfumes have been discontinued. I'm fed up with The Brand/Designer perfumes taking over from the classics. We'll end up all smelling the same!
Can you tell me - what book would be good to read to learn how to make my own perfumes?

Jenny said...

Hi Victoria,

These two books teached me a lot:

The chemistry of fragrances

Perfumery practice and principles
Robert R.Calkin J.Stephan Jellinek

If you're into natural perfumery you could try books written by Mandy Aftel, for example:
Essence and alchemy

Good luck!

yuki said...

It is splendid blog. I am studied.
Please link to this site!

Jeannemarie said...

I am THRILLED to have found your lovely blog!

Will get to more on the weekend!


P.S. If Chaya is here, then I'm in the right place!

Jenny said...

Thanks Jeannemarie.

Elena said...

Hello Jenny,

I am pleased to announce our newest fragrance, and third collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the launch of, Andy Warhol Lexington Avenue.

I’d love to send you high res images, samples, etc. Let me know if something might work:

Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

With best regards,
eCommerce Marketing Manager
9 Bond Street
New York, NY 10012

Anonymous said...

Basmati rice sounds like it would be wonderful in perfume. Great idea.

Bobbi Vacccaro said...

Hello Jenny,
I have been looking for 2-Acetyl-1-pyrroline since July of this year.
Have you had any luck finding this material.

Anonymous said...

sounds like you have been inspired by ormonde jayne's CHAMPACA perfume which includes notes of basmati rice, green tea, orange blossom

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny,

Are you interested to have a Perfume Making Workshop in The Hague?

If you are interested please let me know my email:

Hope to hear from you soon.



Megha Kochhar said...

Hey Jenny...Megha frm India... My first comment to u.. i have always fallen on different scents of nature n mankind.. but today i feel too heavenly about it.. What fine nose wud u b having for making such blissful fragrances... cnt forget to mention the movie " Perfume" which today inspires me to start making my own perfumes.. so started searching and u were the first for my admiration... i wud b fortunate if u help me in that... starting with where do i get my necesaary oils from...
Anticipatin ur reply...

Melanie said...

Hi Jenny!
I really envy you ! I wish I had the implements to what you're doing my disposal. Going to keep up with you and revel in your experiments!


Anonymous said...

i just love it jenny

Paul Kiler said...

Jenny, have you looked at Acetyl Pyrazine @ 1% (Sig) (2-acetyl pyrazine) for this project?

base note
buttery popcorn slightly nutty
CAS # 22047-25-2
Can use up to 1% of total concentrate

Linda at Perfumers apprentice has it.

Paul Kiler

Anonymous said...

Love the idea - what are your thoughts on they are cool videos, but buy worthy?

Peace said...

sounds yummy!

fragrances said...

I did use "Lady Apple". It was fantastic in all respect. Its fragrance was awesome and lasted till whole the day. For the entire source, get it here from Finest source of pure fragrance oils since 1996. Changing the way people think about fragrance.
What's in your perfume bottle?

ladyserendipity said...

I'm into perfume business but only as a retailer. I admire your ability to make new scents...I really want to learn but i am sensitive to new scents. Keep it up!

ally said...
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Anonymous said...
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