Saturday, March 29, 2008

The M. factor

Andy always talk about the W. factor, so this time I will talk about the M. factor. The perfume for the new perfume swap of our perfume group is ready, it's a men's fragrance this time. I needed the M. factor to test it, and I listened to his suggestions. M. once was a professional soccer player, and he loves the smell of fresh cut grass, it reminds him of the soccerfield, so I put in a lot of this scent. A material which smells like fresh cut grass is 'leaf alcohol', I combined this scent with the scent of violet leaf and other green notes. Some of you know that I love the green scent of galbanum, but I didn't use it in this fragrance, it didn't combine well with the other notes.

In the heart-notes I used carnation and clove. The base-notes contains a lot of sandalwood which I combined with the sandalwood materials; Javanol, Bangalol and Aldron. I used the ambernote of Ambrox DL, which to me smells very masculine and finished it with different sorts of musk.

I'm excited because tonight we have a big party from work, there will be something like 1500 to 2000 people. I will go with my friend, it will be so much fun. My camera is broke, but if I can get some photos of the party from my colleagues I will post some of them.

Have a great weekend!


AromaX said...

Hi Jenny,
It's always a pleasure to read your blogs about your perfume creations. You give very interesting information I can learn from as a beginner perfumer. Wish I have my perfume organ already (is going through the custom for a week now). So I could smell some of the materials and try to follow your thoughts about perfume. Have you try Amyris instead of in combination with Sandelwood? To my nose it has more M-factor than Sandelwood and has a kind of green note too. It's more dominant as well.
Is there any chance to smell your creations except the perfume exchange?

Jenny said...

Hi Max,

I tried Amyris, but don't find it a very good replacement for sandalwood.

If you like I can send a sample to you.

Fragrant greetings!

AromaX said...

That's tru - Amyris is not just a substitute and is not always easy to tam. Sandlewood is easier, finer and softer.

I am still trying to figure it out how to use Amyris in perfume. So far it becomes easily dominating. Its combination with Virginian Cedar sounds promissing.

It would be very nice to get a sample from you. It's also a good source of inspiration for me.

Zullen wij het verder via de mail afhandelen? Mijn mail is msall apenstaartje chello punt nl. Bedankt.

Jenny said...

Hi Max,

I think Amyris is more suitable for a perfume for soap or a lotion.

I will send you an email.