Sunday, March 02, 2008


Finally I had a long weekend, I had 4 days off! I looked forward to it the whole week, but when it finally was there, I got sick...... I had a terrible cold and was so sleepy that I could sleep for hours, I only watched some TV or sat behind my PC a bit. Not very exciting is it? But today I feel a bit better and even worked on a perfume again. I worked on my perfume that I sent in for the first 'Perfume Swap' that we did on my Perfume making group at Yahoo. It is a perfume based on animalic notes, with oudh and other woods, honey, rose and jasmine. I added less cedarwood and a lot more sandalwood. I can't smell a lot right now because of the cold I have, but I will leave it like it is and smell it when I have a 'better' nose.

That makes me think......

What if a perfumer can't smell anymore? Is it possible to create perfumes anyway? I think so, if I recall correctly, there was a perfumer who couldn't smell anymore, but still created perfumes, I don't remember who it was. Well, if you think of the fact that Beethoven was deaf when he composed music, a perfumer could only by remembering the smell and the combination of materials, compose a perfume too. Without actually smelling the result, the composing would be done in his memory, in his mind.


chayaruchama said...

I'm so sorry, gelieverd !

Sometimes, when we let our guard down, the body succumbs-
One can't fool the body...

A very interesting question you pose.

I think one would have to be a genius to compose olfactorally successfully, without the use of 'nose'...

Be better soon !

Knuffels and chicken soup-

Andy said...

Dear Jenny
Get better soon and get your whiskey before going to bed with a good cup of hot milk and honey (might work without the whiskey , too but is much less fun!)
I think Jean Carles was affected by loosing (part) of his sense of smell (at least I've read this in Guy Robert's book Le Livre du Parfum). ...

Jenny said...

Hi lieverd,

I feel so much better today, a good sleep can do so much good.

Yes, one has to be a genius to do so, but I don't think it's impossible.

Big hugs back to you lieve Idaatje!

Jenny said...

Dear Andy,

LOL I don't like whiskey, but I do like some cognac though. Well, I drank some sweet white wine, and it made me sleep like a rose.

O, so it was Jean Carles!

Big hugs from the Netherlands!

AromaX said...

Dear Jenny,

It looks so unfair when you get sick just at the same time you have some free days and looking forward to (finally!!!) come back to your hobby...

From another side. Can you imagine how tired (=overloaded) your body may be when it's not ready to have anything more? Even something what you are enjoying from is too much.

It's so nice you could rest and feeling better now.

Whyskey, cognac... I am wondering if you can use it to make perfume as well. I am sure it's possibe. Like taking it instead of alcohol and mixing with some essential oils and aromachemicals. The same way people use coffee tincture. ;-)

Take care and I wish your nose become better soon.

Jenny said...

Well, I'm not sure that whiskey or cognac have enough alcohol percentage to use for a perfume. They maybe have 45 to 60% alcohol? Alcohol used in perfume has to be at least 80%, otherwise it doesn't mix well with the fragrance materials.