Sunday, September 09, 2007

Velvet Blossom

Can you recall the experience of touching the petals of a blossom? Doesn't it feel soft like velvet? I thought of which name I could give to the fragrance I worked on based on the soft fresh scented magnolia combined with other white flowers like lily of the valley, white lily, orange blossom, Mai rose, freesia and jasmine. The fragrance smells tender, romantic, fresh and sweet at the same time. When I smell this fragrance, words like tender, romantic, petals, blossom and velvet comes in mind. Then I thought, why not call it 'Velvet Blossom'? I think it's a nice name, I also thought of 'Velvet Petals'. I'm not sure which name is best yet, but I think it will be 'Velvet Blossom'. Now I'm dreaming of how it will look like in a beautiful bottle and how the fragrance description would sound, maybe something like:

Velvet Blossom

A fragrance for the romantic soul, tender like a fresh blossom.

Top notes: Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit, Rose wood and green leaves

Heart notes: Magnolia, Lily of the Valley, Orange blossom, Freesia, Mai Rose, White Lily and Jasmine Sambac

Base notes: Vetiver, Vanilla, Oak moss and musk


Andy said...

I'd go for velvet blossom, too. Sounds soft and makes you curious, it also sounds elegant, classy and tender....
have you checked already, whether this name did not exist for a scent in the past? Sometimes it is amazing what has been used before...
Greetings from CH

Jenny said...

Hi Andy,

I'm glad you like the name too. I find it difficult to come up with a name, but I have the feeling this name fits the fragrance very well.

Yes, I checked for the name, but I can't find any fragrance with this name.

Greetings from NL

clairedelune said...

Where can I find a woody, smokey vanilla as you are mentioning in your last August message.

Jenny said...

Dear Claire,

I can't recall a perfume that has a woody smokey vanilla scent, but I'm sure there are some. I'm not sure you want to know a fragrance that has this scent or a material. There is not a single material that I know of having a smokey woody vanilla scent but you can combine vanilla with woody smokey scented materials like vetiver, birchtar, agarwood etc.