Sunday, September 16, 2007


Mmm the scent of Oudh sometimes called Agarwood or Eaglewood is so incredible wonderful. It has all kinds of shades, it's smokey, deep woody, a bit sweet in an intriguing way. It even has some green notes and some kind of mouldy notes. It's hard to describe the scent. It reminds me of a blend of vetiver, birch tar, sandalwood, guiacwood, vetiveryl acetate, patchouli and some spicy notes like the note of clove. But this all can't create the scent of Oudh, it's way too complex for it.

I used Oudh in my first 'swap' perfume, which I worked on some more. I studied the feedback that I've got from the members of my group and used this information to alter the creation.

Some of the feedback I received about this fragrance is that the top notes are too overwhelming, I agree with this, this is not because I used too much top notes, but because I used strong smelling woody and ambery notes, which pushes themselves towards the top notes. I started to reduce the amount of patchouli, birch tar and cedar, and added a creamy warm sandalwood to round the fragrance out and smooth it a bit. To give the woody notes a fresh woody boost I used a bit more vetiveryl acetate, which smells like the fresh smelling part of vetiver oil. I also added less amber, instead I used more rose and jasmine to create a stronger heart note.

The fragrance has a sweet honey note which is wonderful in combination with Oudh, I want to keep that note, but it was too sweet, so I also reduced the amount of honey and added a bit more bergamot to create a more sparkling top note. After reducing some of the base notes and adding some sandalwood and more vetiveryl acetate, it still needed a warm note, I decided to use Aldron a material from Symrise with an animalic scent, which create a warm aura. I'll let the creation mature and will see if these alterations worked.

Something totally different:

Yesterday I visited the blog of Andy, when I started to read the first line of his post, I got goosebumps and knew what he was about to tell us, the following sentences I had to read trough the tears in my eyes. It's heartbreaking to hear that his mother past away last Friday. My heart goes out to him, his partner W. and his family and friends. It's so hard to loose one of your parents. I hope they all will find strength and consolation among each other. Of course Andy shut off the comments on the post and asked not to send emails. I just have to say something, that's why I will do it this way.


Agarwood said...

I would like to share some great information regarding Agarwood. its endangered specie of plant in some areas also it is the worlds most precious perfume ever found. i have my webpage on website We have very limited amount of agarwood each year due to its unavalibility.

Each agarwood Tree do not yeald perfume. this is only a process in an tree which is infected by a virus. the Tree produces a resin to protect itself from that virus.
its grown in South Eastern part of Asia where there is plenty of Rain.

if you wish to know more about this please post a comment here i will try to answer from my knowledge about agarwood.

Best Wishes!!

Amol Gupta

Jenny said...

Hi Armol,

I find 55 Dollars for 10 ml Oudh too cheap to be real, the price of 1 ml is even higher. Do you dilute the oils or do you sell them as pure oils?

Agarwood Oil said...

Hello jenny,

We do have higher quality oils. cost can go upto USD 300 per 10grams. the fragrance quality of Oil depends on the age of oil and the tree. if we use old fully matured trees the fragrance is better. we use mix type of wood to produce economical grade oil.

the fragrance Notes are much similar and many of our clients have appreciated the price and quality of the oil.

Best Wishes !!


Jenny said...

Thanks Amol,

Are the oils pure and there for suitable to use in fragrances, or are they diluted with a solvent so they can be worn on skin?

Royal Oudh said...

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Jenny said...

Thanks for the interesting links.

Ibn Saeed said...

Hello Jenny

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I really liked your description of the essence of Oudh.

Amit said...
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Amit said...

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Please wait, here a name of Boya Paste come in mind, yes it is like a paste and come from raw wood of Agarwood tree.Its smell are diffrent.

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Assam Agar...... said...

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Abu Yusya Assulaify said...

Hi jenny
nice site. Actually jenny there are several kinds of trees that produce oudh or agarwood resin. There are 7 kinds of trees that able to be produce agarwood resin. Actually the best is Aquillaria, Next is Grynops, all can be found in Indonesia. I amIindonesian. If you wanted to obtain oil or wood for the oudh you can contact me. The best oudh oil can be as expensive as gold. I had friend that is an agarwood expert.

Jenny said...

Hi Abu,

Thank you so much for sharing this information. Agarwood is an intriguing fragrance material.

muhammad said...

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hj abdul karim bin hj bakri said...

dear every one...

i always brought oudh from anywhere and feel aromatic different, who know oudh formula ?

azree said...

Hi there..

Oudh is the gift from God. It is really precious who knows it. Some says it is a tree from heaven and some says it is a wood of God.

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Fatih Eren said...

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azree said...

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