Saturday, June 23, 2007

Rêverie au jardin by Andy Tauer

Andy Tauer wanted to capture the scent of lavender in all its facets and complexity and created a fragrance based on this smell. He created "Rêverie au jardin" what means "Daydream in the garden". Now when you aspect to smell an ordinary lavender cologne, you are wrong. This lavender fragrance is more than just a fragrance that smells like lavender, it starts fresh green like you imagine yourself in a green meadow, slowly the lavender notes comes through. I know how difficult it is to create a perfume with a lot of lavender, it easy becomes smelling like an air freshener and smells cheap. But here in this fragrance the lavender has all kinds of aspects, it starts sparkling fresh green, something that surprised me to smell, later the lavender comes forward, a herbal fresh lavender softened by Bulgarian rose absolute. The base notes are sweet tonka vanilla with woody notes of cedar and sandalwood.

The notes:

The head notes are very green and fresh- lavender(high altitude mountain lavender from France, galbanum and fir balm with bergamot and rose absolute from Bulgaria softening the herbaceous lavender.

They lead over to a musky, fresh heart note (frankincense from India and ambrette seeds) with a woody and flowery orris line.

The body note is the most complex part of the scent, being a soft, and airy wood accord (vetiver, tonka beans, oakmoss). Hints of vanilla and ambergris, sandalwood and cedar wood play into a balsamic tone that seems to last for ever.
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chayaruchama said...

Lieve Jenny-

How does this wear on you ? Develop ?
I've smelled it on a LOT of folks- and it's striking how differently it manifests itself.

The person who wears this best, so far, is my son.
While it is lovely on me, it is nothing like it is on Jacob...
He wears it like a lilting melody, very tender, fresh, and sylvan.
Just the way Andy planned it, I suspect...

Jenny said...

Hi dear Chaya,

On me it turns a bit sweet and on my husbands skin too, but on my brother it smells more fresh. It's so true that the chemistry of your skin can influence the fragrance. The perfume Sun by Jil Sander for example smells sweet, a bit powdery on me but on some other woman more warm oriental. I had it a couple of times that I asked a woman what she was wearing and the answer was Sun, while I have that perfume too but it smelled so different on her. But I like the perfume both on myself and on the other women.

Veel liefs!