Sunday, June 17, 2007

Mint, apple and lemon

Here in the Netherlands we had some rainy days lately, but gladly it's dry in between as well. Last night we had a birthday party of my girlfriend and the whole night it was dry so we could sit outside in the garden. We sat outside until half past 4 in the night, no need to tell it was a great party! This morning I walked in my garden and was not only smelling the flowers that are blooming but smelled the leaves of some plants as well, I crush them between my fingers so the essential oils will be released. We have peppermint plants in the garden, the Latin name of this peppermint is Mentha suaveolens, we use the leaves in our tea. The smell is soft minty with a green apple note. It's amazing how many different species of mint plants there are, there are mints that smells like grapefruit, chocolate, pineapple and many more variates. Here you can read about some species and their smells. On real warm days I like to make a refreshing lemon drink. I use water. sugar, Lemon or Lime and peppermint leaves, which I leave in the drink for decoration and taste, with a lot of ice, this drink is wonderful on hot days. I have essential oils of the peppermint as well, one oil is from the normal peppermint and the other is an essential oil from the Nana peppermint, Mentha Spicata, a mint that Arabic people use in their tea.

Another plant in my garden with aromatic leaves is Melissa officinalis (Lemon Balm) when you crush the leaves of this plant between your fingers it smells like Lime, I've heard once that when you drink a tea of this plant everyday, you will have a long healthy life. There are many more plants with aromatic leaves in my garden, like the Agastache Foeniculum (Anise Hyssop) these leaves smells like licorice with a hint of mint as well. The leaves of the geranium smells heavenly green rosy. I like to sniff everything I even dig up the violet flowers to smell their roots which smell a bit like Orris root.

Well have to go, it's Father's Day and I made a fragrance for my father to give to him as a present, I hope he likes it.

Have a nice Father's Day!


chayaruchama said...

Ah, lieve Jenny-
I hope your father enjoys his special treat...

I lovingly recall all those herbs, and remember how fond my friends are of hyssop in the garden.
The bees Love it-
And I love the bees.

Liefs !

Jenny said...

Hi Chaya,

Yes he loved the fragrance, he was very surprised. Well I'm not that fond about bees, but they love my Melissa plant.

Veel liefs terug!

Cao said...

Hi, I've been going through your posts and find this all most fascinating. I am interested in trying my hand at creating my own perfume based on the essential oil, osmanthus. Do you have any suggestions? Please let me know.

Jenny said...

Hi Cao,

Osmanthus that's a beautiful essential oil, it has such a lovely fruity flowery scent. It depends on what kind of perfume you would like to create. If you like to make an oriental I would suggest ambery vanilla musky and spicy notes, but if you like a to make a floral perfume I would use floral notes like Ylang ylang, jasmine, rose, tuberose etc. If you like to accentuate the fruity notes I would suggest bergamot, mandarin, aldehyde c14, cassis bud absolute etc.

I like it in combination with jasmine, heliotropine, rose, peach(maybe aldehyde C14), tuberose, ylang ylang, vanilla, iris or the ionones, sandalwood, oakmoss and so many others.

When you like to talk with other perfumers you can join my Yahoo group: Perfume making

Hope this helps and good luck with your creation.

yame said...

hello jenny my name is yavuz
what pomegranate flower formusaion?