Thursday, March 15, 2007

My second attempt to create The Kiss

I'm still working on my perfume inspired by the painting: The Kiss. First I work on the skeleton of this perfume, the notes that are the basics of this perfume. I used too much sandalwood the first time and toned it down a bit because I don't want the sandal notes go trough the top notes, I keep the rose I used the first time, but want to combine it with some jasmine, I'm not sure yet what kind of jasmine would be the best one to use. I think Indian jasmine is the nicest one in this case. I added some Geranyl acetate to the rose and that is working real nice, it gives some freshness and sweetness to the rose. I also added some carnation notes to compliment the rose notes. I like the iris in this perfume it's so nice soft warm and gentle, so that will stay as well.

For the base I used the sandal combined with guiacwood, I'm still thinking what else it would need, I'm thinking of cedar or vetiver or maybe some aroma chemicals to enhance the sandalwood, like Javanol a product of Givaudan. To give it some sensuality I added amber notes like labdanum absolute and different kinds of musks, I learned that it's better to use different kinds because some musks can work as boosters for the other musks. For the top note I used some fresh but soft citrus notes combined with a bit of spicy notes from nutmeg what combines real wonderful with the carnation which has also some spicy notes. So the basic notes of this perfume like it seems right now are: rose, iris, sandalwood and musks. The smell of this perfume is rosy, soft, creamy, warm woody, ambery and musky. I like it already but there is a lot to work on still.


chaya ruchama said...

Wow, this is really taking shape...
So much that I like, in one perfume.
I can't wait to smell it.

Dikke kus !

Ellen said...

Yes....I agree, it sounds luscious.

It's snowy & rainy in my part of the world so i just completed a warming solid perfume of sandalwood, vanilla, ylang ylang, rosewood &'s setting as I type & so far smells....well....warm!

Happy Mixing...


Jenny said...

Hi Chaya,
Yes these notes work real nice together. And one day you will smell this creation my dear.

Dikke kus terug

Jenny said...

Hi Ellen,
Yes that sounds like a warm fragrance aspecialy because you used ginger vanilla and sandalwood.
I'm curious in which part you live.

Happy mixing to you too Ellen

Shelley said...

Hello Jenny,
I love the "Eastern" interpretation that I sense you are taking with "The Kiss."

This is such an iconic image, it reminds me of the Russian icon that my friend painted. I learned that making an icon in the true fashion doesn't leave much room for individual creative expression as it is a very prescribed process.

I think "The Kiss" walks the middle ground between the male and female and it expresses a wonderful, rich balance between yin and yang. What do you think?


Ellen said...

I live in the US.....right now still in NJ but we are moving in June to the Southwest....Taos, NM to be exact & there resides the wonderful native aromas of juniper, pinion & sage...looking forward to some new 'nose' inspiration once we arrive & I start mixin'...



Jenny said...

Hi Shelley,
It's not going to be a real Eastern fragrance, although it has some Eastern notes. It will be a more woody floral fragrance based on Rose, Sandalwood and softened by Iris. But yes there are Eastern notes in it as well like the spices and amber.
I agree on the Yin and Yang this painting symbolise, this couple is painted in the middle of a little universe. All that matters is their love. The Sandalwood in my perfume stands for the man in this painting and the Iris for the woman.

Jenny said...

Hi Ellen,
Funny isn't it that every place on this earth has its own smell. I hope the weather in Taos is better.

Michael Storer said...

Dear Jenny,

I will be most curious to smell your interpretation of Klimt's "Der Kuß". For those of you who don't know me, I am a member of Jenny's Yahoo group "Perfume Making" and have also created a women's perfume for this painting to share in our "perfume swap" which is so much fun because we all get to smell what the other participants create and give our feedback to each other.
My perfume is quite "oriental", meaning it is reliant on balsams. musks, civet and spices for a heavier-type fragrance. I want to feature the great interest of the Orient in popular culture of that time (1908) and also the look of the painting which I see as partly Persian-influenced. I created a very special ingredient for it. A tincture of curry powder which has a delightful richness. It will be fascinating to smell all of the different aspects of this famous painting that the perfumers will accentuate.

Michael Storer, perfumer

Jenny said...

Hi Mike,
Your creation sounds real interesting, I think the curry tincture could give a nice effect, I can't wait to smell it.
When I smelled the Santal de Mysore by Serge Lutens(see the other post) I could smell some curry notes as well.

Een dikke knuffel terug!

sysopje said...

zou het zo zijn dat je bent gestopt met deze blog? jammer,

ciao frank