Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My first attempt to create The kiss

I already started with my perfume inspired by the painting The kiss (see post below). I started to create the main accord of this perfume, I used amber because I think amber translates the golden colors of this painting, one of the amber notes is labdanum absolute, sandalwood is for the comforting emotion of an embrace. To translate the white soft skin of the woman on this painting I used Iris what gives a warm soft creamy scent to this perfume, it combines perfect with the sandal. To give this perfume a romantic character I used rose. These notes all combine lovely with each other. I accentuate these notes with tolu, guaiacwood (champaca wood) which gives a great fixation to rose, patchouli and carrot seed oil which has an iris like note. I have to think what kind of top notes it will need.
The photo of the painting is from:


chaya ruchama said...

Hello, lieve Jenny-

I'm liking the sound of this one...

Wondering if, for the top, you might want a nutmeg note, for a touch of spice.
Maybe the slightest tinge of citrus rind, for that opening lift...

Just a thought.

Be well, pretty lady !

Dikke kus-

Jenny said...

Hi my dear Chaya,

I like that idea, I think nutmeg will fit in this perfume very well, I used already a carnation like note to combine with the rose and I think nutmeg will bring this note to the top as well. I like to use some citrus notes as well but a bit of a softer citrus maybe some neroli or bergamot.

Dikke kus terug!