Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas


Which perfume are you going to wear this Christmas?
I will wear Gala by Loewe the first day and Chanel no 19 the second day I think


Anonymous said...

Paloma Picasso or Panthere (still got some of this discontinued perfume left!).

Jenny said...

I didn't know they were discontinued, do you mean both of them?

Have a wonderful Christmas!

chayaruchama said...

Blessings to you, and all your readers.

Love you, meisje.

iva said...

Hi Jenny love your web page. i'm 11 yrs old and trying to make alcohol free perfume for my school science project i hav'nt got a clue how to start. Could you help me out? thank you so much. ivana

Jenny said...

Dear Chaya,

Happy holidays!

Kisses, hugs and love back to you.

Jenny said...

Hi Ivana,

What a lovely name you have.... If you like to make alcohol free perfume you could use jojoba oil as the basis of your perfume. Do you have essential oils? You can start with essential oils which are called 'base notes' such as sandal, pathouli, benzoin, vanilla etc these oils gives your perfume fixation. After that you can add the 'heart notes' these oils are for example geranium, ylang ylang, rose, jasmine, palmarosa, lavender, tuberose etc. Heart notes are mostly floral or herbal notes, but also spicy notes are in these catagory. To finish your perfume you can add some 'top notes', top notes are the first notes you smell if you smell a perfume, these notes do evaporate much faster than the heart and base notes. Some examples of top notes are manderin, grapefruit, lemon, bergamot, orange etc.

It's important to use essential oils of all stages, which belongs to the top-heart and -base notes. If you only would use essential oils which are 'base notes', your perfume will only be noticed if your nose is really close to your skin, it needs some more volatile essential oils to make it more noticable.

You could start with bergamot, orange, ylang ylang and
sandalwood,patchouli and benzoin for example. If you like to use vanilla you have to use only a tiny bit, it's better to dilute it before you use it, like a 10% solution.

You are welcome to join my Yahoo group Perfume making, I've created lessons on how to make perfume and you can ask any question you like, our members are very friendly and helpful. Here is the link: