Saturday, December 30, 2006

Perfumer Ineke

Ineke Ruhland is born in Canada she moved to Europe in 1988 to work in the fragrance industry. In 1996 she studied perfumery at ISIPCA in Versailles France. Following three years of apprenticeship at a fragrance house in Paris, Ineke moved to San Francisco where she created her own perfumes. The perfumes Ineke makes are delicate and elegant, presented in beautiful bottles named following the alphabet.

After my own heart

Notes: bergamot, raspberry, lilac
sandalwood heliotrope musk

After my own heart is a fresh tender perfume it has a tiny subtle sweet note but over all it's light and playful. The dominant note is lilac but it has also a fresh citrus note and a green note is also present. The color of this juice is reflecting the fragrance very well it's soft fresh with a transparent feeling.

Balmy days & sundays
Notes: freesia, leafy greens grass honeysuckle rose mimosa
chypre accent musk

Balmy days & sundays is more rounder than After my own heart, it's heavier because of the honeysuckle. But still transparent with a green freesia note. It's a quiet perfume like a whisper, a bit too timide for me.

Chemical bonding
Notes: smooth citrus cocktail tea blackberry dewy peony
vetviver amber powdery musk

This perfume has citrus but it's fruitier it's not sparkling citrus like in a cologne this citrus is combined with heavier notes, well like Ineke describes the notes herself she say it's a smooth citrus cocktail and that's true. You can smell some sweet fruity notes through it, maybe that's the blackberry I'm smelling? I like this one the most of all four because in this perfume the base is more prominent than in the other three. The base is dry ambery maybe some Ambrox and Cashmeran is used I don't know.

Notes: fresh citrus blend rain notes cyclamen magnolia fougere accents
guaiacwood cedarwood musk

This is the masculine perfume from Ineke it's a fougere accord(lavender, patchouli, oakmoss, coumarine) mixed with citrus and magnolia. I love the scent of magnolia and was surprised to find it in a men's fragrance, it works perfectly well in this perfume. It has rain notes for sure like the air can be filled after rain with a scent of waxy green wet leaves. I say waxy because it doesn't smell crispy green but rainy green waxy with a melon note as well. The base is nice woody musky.

Ineke's website is beautiful please have a look:
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chaya ruchama said...

Hi, lieve Jenny !

I found her presentation to be outstanding.Extremely artistic.

Although they were very pretty, diaphanous, and delicate, I found her perfumes to have a 'watercolor'effect that disappointed me somewhat.

I love watercolor, but it is all too present as a perfume impression these days.

More often than not, I reach for fragrance that expresses my complexity and individualism- some aspect of myself.

She seems likw a lovely person, so I feel lousy not enjoying her work more.

Good to hear your thoughts on the subject, as always.

I'm off to work until late, but I wish you and your loved ones much happiness and health, humoor, and discovery in '07...

Dikke, dikke kus, geliefde-

Jenny said...

Hi dear Chaya,
The presentation is wonderful, I enjoy her creativity the way her website looks the way she use ABC it's all wonderful. I was so curious to smell her fragrances, but not all her perfumes are really my type maybe because I like more complex perfumes, well I don't know maybe they are complex though but I find them a bit too timide for me except Chemical Bonding this one is perfect for me. Well you can't love all the perfumes there are out there can you.
Have a wonderful and healthy 2007 Chaya and thank you for all your lovely comments you gave this year.
Dikke kus terug.

Victoria said...

Happy New Year Jenny!

Jenny said...

A happy new fragrant year to you to Victoria.